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Ian Stewart

Personal Blog
I live in a Beautiful part of the English countryside in the Peak District in the village of Mayfield.

I am Married to Carol and have Two grown up Sons and One Daughter plus 4 Grandchildren.

I have been working online for over Twelve years now and did what every budding Affiliate Marketer has done and that is to hop from one program to another blaming the Program and not myself. Then I stopped and listened to someone who WAS making money online.

Once I started to make some cash I put together my own a Program that had all the Tools in one place, Buildabizonline.

Since then along with my good friend Steve Smith we put this program together to help build Your Downline and Advertise your Business.

To your success...

Ian Stewart
Marc Ley

My name is Marc Ley; I was born in 1957 in Luxembourg in the beautiful valley of the River Moselle. I am married and have two stepdaughters and two sons.

The culture of wine-growing and the “joie de vivre” of the “Miseler Leit” (people from the valley of the river Moselle) must have had a large influence on me since my birth, as already as teenager I was deeply interested in wine and loved wine tasting in the company of good colleagues and wine connoisseurs.

And what else matches better with wine as a good meal. So, you certainly already guess one of my passions.
I am a great fanatic of Italian food and wine; I love to prepare a juicy “Risotto al porcini” or a delicate “Vitello Tonato”, accompanied by a good glass of red wine from the Piedmont or Tuscany.

My professional career started in 1979 when I entered the family business after High School. Unfortunately, a dispute over inheritance forced me to give up my plans in 1992 and to choose a new direction.
So I entered the world of security services of the Group Securitas as a Customer Manager to end as a General Security and Facility Manager of ArcelorMittal in 2014.

Yes, I had just 57 years in 2014 and normally should retire only in 5 years, but due to the hard economic situation in the steel industry, Mr Mittal decided to send all people reaching 57 yearsÕ in early retirement.

Too young for retirement yes, effectively, but due to some special clause in the early retirement conditions, I am not allowed to have an official job until I reach my 60 and so I started to find a work at home opportunity.
By surfing around in the internet to explore the possibilities to work from home, it took not long to finally come across online business and more specially the affiliate marketing. Apparently, Affiliates were making thousands of dollars a day in selling other people’s products and getting a commission.
But the more I read about affiliate marketing, the more it was confusing. I didn’t have any mentors and I became more and more overwhelmed.
In turning around from one to another opportunity, I spent and lost a lot of money, without any real results or success.

I was ready to quit, when I came to the TW 1K Team.
This was the moment, where my failure turned into success.

Yours in Success
Marc Ley
E-Rob Field

Hi my Global friend ,well I have had a passion for the Networking Business now for 35 odd years, and like everything we humans do, over time everything evolves, and gets better. I have had my fair share of bad times, in the past.Today we live in exciting times of change . Its only NOW I can see the general Masses seeing the real Potential of this new concepts and Online Industry, bringing about the lifestyle changes that are real to the public .
Indicated by the 200 Million people now in the industry .
Jan van der Kolk

Specialist in Building a Business Presence and Branding Yourself Online. Helping People with Tools and Training to Create Wealth, Using Real Wealth Building Principles. I have a passion for Online Marketing and for helping others to reach their goals.
Charles Goldiie

Hello Everyone !

My name is Charles Goldie affiliate marketer from way back. I have been marketing online since the year 2000

I Have had lots of failures over the years and some success as an affiliate. I love working from home and I am now retired and have more time to do my business.

I have come to learn that the best way and the most successful way to market is to help others to succeed.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

To Your Success
Charles Goldie
Sarah Sutton

Hi my name is Sarah and l live in the United Kingdom with my husband Peter and two children.

l came across Buildabiz Ad Exchange from a friend of ours and realized it was perfect to fit my advertising needs, so upgraded to VIP the same day.

Great Program, Great Advertising, Great Income and honest owners what more could you ask for

Glen Palo

Personal Blog
Hello! I am Glen Palo, just an old affiliate marketing hack. I have been doing this internet marketing thingy since 1996.

I have been scammed a few times. Also, have made a few bucks here and there. Well, actually quite a few bucks! Or else, why would I still be doing this?

Best of all, I enjoy working from home and helping others do the same.

Feel free to ask questions or comment. I love connecting!

To your success,
Richard Daigle

Personal Blog
Owner of Richy Rich Mailer and 18 year marketer. I live in Beaumont Texas where we were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

My wife and I are still working on rebuilding our home and our lives but our faith in God sustains us and we continue to move forward. I am a firm believer that you Never Give Up and you Never Quit.

I love to help and mentor marketers to make residual income, build their list and learn how to promote online.
Scott Hall

Committed sponsor and friend...
Hi! I'm Scott Hall and I am committed to helping others, just like you, create a successful online business and start living the lifestyle you deserve.
Whether your motivation is to spend more time with your family, travel the world or to live a better life, you can achieve them all and more!
If you’re friendly and have a goal in mind, I’d love to work with you.
If you have any questions, contact me!
I look forward to helping you reach your goals!
Scott Hall
Working hard for you and for me!
Judy A Daus

Enjoying the internet marketing life and people I have met online.
There is so much to learn and to do with your online businesses.
I now own a viral mailer:
and am a partner at:
Tim Cousino

★ Internet Entrepreneur/Mentor/Coach... Helping Others To Create More Leads And Sales With Any Product, Service or Business Opportunity Using Proper Social Media Marketing And Relationship Building...

★ Before Becoming A Full Time Successful Internet Marketing Coach/Entrepreneur, I Spent Over 20 Yrs in the Construction Industry...

★ After Completing My Career Change To Being An Online Entrepreneur In 2008, I Became Even More Aware That In Most Cases, You Can’t Achieve A Wealthy Life Style of Independence Working For Someone Else.

★ I'm Infatuated with God Almighty's Laws that are written on the Tablet of Everyone's Heart... And The Never Ending Pursuit to Assist Others in Reaching Their Financial Goals and Dreams! The More I Learn and Work to Help You and Others, The More Wealth We All Can Create TOGETHER…

*** AMAZING! "Truthfulness, Honesty and Proper Education is Simply the Key to Proper Attraction Marketing"

★ I Make It My Business To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As A Pro Internet Marketer / Social Media Expert, And Consultant.

★ Be Part of a Team of Like Minded Entrepreneurs Who Have the Same Financial Independence Goals as You.
1. Trafficwave:
2. 4Corners:
4. FreeMart:

★ As a Member of The BuildaBiz Ad Exchange, You'll Also Be Part of our team to support members, that magnetically draw others to Our Platform.

╚► Skype:Timothy Cousino
(Skype Username:gmclovesone24) -- Send Me A Skype Contact Request, But MAKE SURE To Reference "The BuildaBiz Ad Exchange" In Your Skype Contact Request. :)

╚► Phone: (419) 329-1150
╚► Email:

Steve Smith

My name is Steve Smith and l live with my family in the beautiful Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland.

l have been promoting online for just over 18 years with mixed success in my early days, many times l wanted to give up, but now l am so glad l didn't as l wouldn't be where l am today if l had.

l came across buildabiz-ad-exchange a while ago and very soon realised what a great opportunity we have here for new and experienced alike to make a sustainable income that will be here for years to come.

Please allow me to leave you with this thought as it is so so true.

“People occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”

Please don't let this be you.

l wish you much success in everything you do.

Steve Smith
Paul Krufchinski

Personal Blog
Hello, My Name is Paul Krufchinski. I am a Serious Internet Marketer for over 25 Years. I Specialize in "REAL DEAL" Business Opportunities and Affiliate Programs that "WORK" to "EARN" You "LONG TERM" Income from Your Home Based Business Office. Being a "BABYBOOOMER" Most of my Opportunities are geared toward Baby Boomers to help them Re-Invent themselves to Earn a Residual Income to Continue to Support them thru their Golden Years. Every Opportunity I Present, I am either a Founding Member, VIP, Senior Affiliate or have a Financial Interest. Every Program I offer is fully tested to be Safe and Most are "FREE" to Join. If there are every any questions or concerns, I am only a email away at I look forward to working with each and every one of you to attain nothing Less than "TOTAL SUCCESS"!


This is The Home Business Opportunity
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Our goal at Freemart™ is to develop life-long relationships based upon integrity and giving real value to our members. Our products are extremely pure and highly concentrated in order to give our members the quickest product experience possible. We also add value to our products by educating members in the area of nutrition and the four major causes of disease.


Welcome to My Layers of Leadership
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You can be Passive and make long term funds. No sponsoring to be paid on this train.No monthly fees, Fair payouts, Fast pays so you get paid on time everytime!Guaranteed ALL members make money not just a few. We can pay all year so it will be Viral!
I Truly Hope you take the time to check out these Opportunities, I look forward to working with you.
Dave Mosher

Internet Marketers and Traffic site owner since 2010. Specializing in Safelists, Ad Exchanges, and Super Solo Networks.
Gilles Goyette

Folks can so easily be distracted with all the information online.
Social media, Skype and chasing 'stuff' can quickly consume all
of your time. Don't let it!

It does not matter who you are!

A surfer, an affiliate marketer, an owner - new or old - we have
to stay focused on our business and have the discipline to advertise
it daily. Not once in awhile, not once a week, but every single day,
month after month after month!

Get focused! :)
Michael Harris

Personal Blog
Michael E. Harris, Sr., is our CAO- Chief Adventure Officer, who has over 35 years
experience as a business owner. He is a Rental Management Owner who has managed as
many as 100 units and more. He is the owner of Harrio's Fast Tax which has been in
business for over 6 years. He has been in the income tax industry since he was a
junior in High school where his Mother taught him the business. And Michael has also
been a very successful internet marketer for the last 8+ years. Michael is the Overseer of Abdeel Temple and has been in the ministry 27 years.He is the President of MSS-MAC and the Co-Owner with his wife Sandra.
As the CAO of MSS-MAC Michael searches for the best programs and opportunities online
to help MSS-MAC continue to grow and thrive. Michael feels his main job is service as he strives to help any and all businesses, organizations, churches, clubs, organizations, and etc., develop and become the best they can be and meet their business goals.

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